A downloadable game for Windows

TSA Frisky is...

a VR game where you are a TSA agent striving to earn the honor of employee of the month, and no bag or person can be left unchecked in this time crunch challenge. Manage the lines efficiently so you don't delay flights!

It is currently in development. We maintain a Facebook page dedicated to updating people about the project you can find it here https://www.facebook.com/tsafrisky.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Actions
    • Search passengers and their bags as they make their way through the line. Deny suspicious passengers from progressing through the line.
    • Controls: Use Motion controllers to interact with and manipulate the objects and the environment. Personally control the flow of lines of people and baggage.
    • Aggressive contraband items such as cats, carnivorous plants, snakes, etc may attack the player and blind them temporarily unless they dodge it.
  • Features
    • Examine your surroundings to monitor the incoming luggage
    • Use your hands (controllers) to hold your scanner and check Passengers
    • Have consistent and immediate feedback of your performance level throughout the gameplay as well as at the end of the level

Team Name: Quackback Studios

  • Kevin Achen - Programmer / Technical Artist / Game Designer
  • Elissa Danese - Character Artist / Level Designer / Animator / Asset Artist
  • Alyssa Juarez - Texture Artist / Asset Artist
  • Victoria Law - Product Owner / Designer / Asset Artist / Technical Artist
  • Preston O'Bryan - Sound Designer / Lighting Artist
  • Kaushik Paddy - Team Lead / Programmer
  • Daniel Wright - Producer / Scrum Master / QA / Social Media Manager / Asset Artist


TSA Frisky E3 Build (5 MB)